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Clash of Kings

Anniversary update, Anniversary themed activities

Version: 2.27.0

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Elex Wireless


Clash of Kings is a mobile strategy game. This game allows you to build your own empire as a character of your choosing. Building this empire is done by finding and training people to be in your army. In addition, you'll need to take control of nearby locations in order to truly establish yourself as a true king.

You'll progress through this game by ensuring that you have plenty of supplies to continue building your empire. There are barracks in the game that are used to find and train soldiers. You'll also find buildings including libraries where you can learn about new technologies. Learning these technologies can allow you unlock new items before your nearby enemies are able to.

To summarize, Clash of Kings is an incredibly popular and fun to play mobile game. This game has you building an empire of your own through gathering supplies and recruiting the right type of soldiers. Whether you choose to keep your kingdom protected or send others out to attack enemies, you're likely to have a great time playing Clash of Kings.


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